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Dr. Melissa Lopez-Larson’s Z-Changer leadership program is designed for young adults ages 10-18 and focuses on “Turning challenges into strengths” that can help us, our friends, our communities and the planet.”

This leadership & confidence building workshop includes:

  • Physical wellbeing – healthy eating, natural/organic-based nutrition, fitness, exercise
  • Meditation and breathing Mind-Hacks & other tools to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Leadership. listening & communication skills and working with peers
  • Guest speakers who are leaders in their field engage on keys to success
  • Service Leadership – transforming our lives & others through service to our community

Z-Changer (GenZ) Girls and Boys are a force to be reckoned! According to Forbes, “They’re not trying to change the world; they’re already doing it and, in many cases, they’re leading the way.” Here are three key reasons why:

Technology – The web and social media are amplifying young people’s voices like never before.

Education – For Gen Z, the adage “Knowledge is power” has never been truer. They are on track to be the most educated generation the world has ever seen.

Passion – Gen-Zers are virtually insatiable in their pursuit of purpose—something bigger than themselves to ardently take part in.

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We will also discuss some amazing people who have turned their conditions into strengths. Take Greta Thunberg, neurodiversity rockstar who likens her Asperger to a “Superpower” and Peter Dankelson, 20 year old musician and motivational speaker who has undergone 35 surgeries to correct birth defects. Peter and Greta amplifies positivity, self-acceptance and making a difference by “being themselves!”

Z-Changer explores challenges and conditions young people are experiencing during this unprecedented time, such as anxiety, depression, loneliness, isolation, poor self-esteem, eating issues, self-harm behaviors, addiction and other ineffective coping strategies. We will learn tools for transcending conditions into strengths that may be utilized today and in the future.

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Z-Changer participants will focus on discovering their own value and helping others discover theirs. Z-Changer culminates in a group leadership project, assisting a nonprofit organization that the class chooses together. Adding value to someone else’s life often helps us overcome our own challenges and become the best version of ourselves.

If you, your child, Grandchild, niece, nephew or young friend is interested in learning more about the first of its kind Z-Changer class, please call 435-334-5441 to request an application and be added to the waiting list.

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We look forward to engaging with young adults who are interested in making a difference in the world and are not sure how. We are excited to discover together how to contribute to and improve our own lives, the lives of others and the planet!


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